Moving existing HDD with 7 onto a new MoBo

I am trying to move my existing HHD from a Dell with windows 7 on it to my new MoBo Nvidia 680i.
Every thing fires up can see everything but windows fails to start, the startup repair utility tries to repair it but to no avail.
I have used a startup recovery dvd and pointed it at the drivers but they will not load.
Any suggestions welcome!

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Hi Paul,

When you installed on your fist set of Hardware, Windows installed the drivers for that hardware.

Now you have the HD attached to different hardware ( the mobo) you can't boot.

When you do manage to boot, you will need to reactivate windows - I assume you have a product key which allows that?

If not, ring the free activation hotline and tell them your mobo died and you had to replace it .

They will almost certainly give you a new key.

First problem - get it to boot. Paragon does a great piece of software called Adaptive restore which will do that for you.

Can you attach the HD to another pc - so you can run the Adaptive Restore on it?

It only takes a couple of seconds. Then put the HD back in the machine with the new mobo - it will boot up., loading the drivers as it does.

You can get it free from here free reg key :

- just click the download link - :

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When you change your motherboard it's like moving your hard drive to a totally different computer. A lot of new hardware, new drivers...etc.

You mayb be able to eventually fix it but it will run MUCH better if you backup and do a clean install.
You would be better off getting a new hard drive... a two tb drive is now just $115 .. about 5 cents per gb.

Install to a new hard drive.. then you can easily pull off the stuff you want from the old one then eventually format it and use it as a clone/backup drive. You won't regret doing that.

Thanks for the swift replies.
I will try the software solution but I think in time it will be a new HDD.

Thanks again,


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