Moving Microsoft Fax (XP) to new computer (Windows 7)?

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    I'm an IT Consultant who manages networks for small businesses. I just ordered a new laptop with Windows 7 Professional to replace my XP machine. The XP laptop works fine but I want to be familiar with Windows 7 when my customers want to upgrade.

    I use Microsoft Fax on my laptop for sending and receiving faxes. Is there an equivalent to the Fax Console in Windows 7? If there is, is there a way to import the fax info from my old computer? I know how to move the actual .tif files, but using the Fax Console I can quickly find old faxes when I need to. Thanks.

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    There is a FAX and SCAN utility is some Windows 7 versions, you would have to check yours.

    I do not know about importing faxes.

    I just checked and it is in all editions of Windows 7
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