Mozilla releases Thunderbird 3.1

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    [​IMG] The Mozilla developers have released version 3.1 of their open source Thunderbird email and news client, code named "Lanikai". The latest major update to the popular cross-platform email client includes a number of stability and memory improvements, and new features.

    Thunderbird 3.1 is based on the Gecko 1.9.2 platform and features a new Saved Files Manager that displays all of the files downloaded via email to a users computer.

    A new Quick Filter Toolbar is aimed at making it faster and easier for users to search through and sort their inbox using, for example, various search term, tags, starred messages and address book contact filters.

    Other notable changes include the addition of hundreds of ISP settings to the Mail Account Set-up Wizard, improved Personas theme support and various interface design changes.

    The developers also note that the new Migration Assistant makes it easier for users to upgrade from a previous release, especially for those still running the 2.x branch of Thunderbird.

    All users are encouraged to upgrade to the latest release.

    More details about the release can be found in the release notes and in a post on the Mozilla Developer Center blog. Thunderbird 3.1 is available to download for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux systems. Thunderbird binaries are released under the Mozilla Thunderbird End-User Software License Agreement and the source code is released under disjunctive tri-licensing that includes the Mozilla Public Licence, GPLv2 and LGPLv2.1.
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    Thanks REG, just upgraded my copy of ThunderbirdPortable to T-Bird portable 3.1.
    Notice: if you are using John Haller's ThunderbirdPortable instead of the regular Thunderbird DO NOT use the built-in Updater.
    Using the built-in (help>check for updates) option will break ThunderbirdPortable.
    Instead D\L the T-Bird Portable 3.1 installer from Haller's site and run it, browsing to the location of the old version as the target installation destination.

    link ------->>>> Mozilla Thunderbird, Portable Edition | - Portable software for USB drives

    Doing so will upgrade your old install and preserve all your settings, saved emails and contacts.

    I use 2 addons that aren't compatible with 3.1 but I was able to modify the .xpi to allow T-Bird 3.1 to use them.

    This method doesn't work all the time but is successful often enough that it is worth a try.

    link ------>>> Editing an add-on to change its compatibility - MozillaZine Knowledge Base

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