MP3 files locked (not shared?) trying to burn to CD

I am trying to burn music cd's from mp3's that were sent to me on DVD using my laptop and Windows 7. I burned the first 10 w/o problem.
What I did since each DVD has about 500 mp3's on it was to create a bunch of folders and cut/paste about 15-20 mp3's until I have about 70 minutes worth. Then using Windows, tell the computer to burn to cd. A list of the songs come up and again I click burn. Windows Media Player then comes up flashing and I click "start burn" this is where things have changed. At first all went well and now at this point I get "Windows media player cannot burn some of the files. To investigate the problem, click the icon next to the files in the burn list". When I do this all still looks fine.
The strange thing is when I look at the folder where those mp3's are everything looks fine but after I do all of the above, close the folder then reopen it all the songs are locked? (not shared?) I then click the "share with" menu and choose "Homegroup"(Read) or "HomeGroup"(Read and Write) either of these will make the lock icons go away from each mp3 and I'll start over with the same results.
Why did this start to happen after burning a dozen cd's?
I usually just download mp3's and send to mp3 player but all of these were sent to me on DVD (making me think virus or something but I checked/scanned DVDs and all appear ok).
This is really aggrevating. I'm using my new laptop to record all this music for the cancer center I work with. I hope my new Laptop isn't infected.
Any thoughts?



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It could be DRM encoded mp3's mixed in there

Thanks, but I'm afraid not.

The same thing will happen now to any of the many of folders I have that contain enough songs (15-20) to fill a cd. That's why I'm looking for help. I tried it with 2 folders that I recently made a cd from mp3 files and now if I try again it will lock the files????
I was given a bunch of DVD's each containing about 500 mp3 songs that are perfect to play in our cancer center. I burned about a dozen then this oddness started??
I'll admit to not knowing anything about DRM code or any code for that matter but I'm pretty good at getting software to do its job.


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Maybe you need to take ownership of the files. Do some searching on that. The sharing is a pain at times.

I tried it but no go

Thanks for the tip. I hadn't heard of that (like many other things). I downloaded it and tried a bunch of times. All the folders appear unlocked until after I try to burn them to cd. It fails and when I return to the folder, all files are locked???


The Problem is Windows Media Player

I figured maybe the problem was with Windows Media Player so I went to and did a search for mp3/cd burning software and came across Jet Audio Basic which comes with many programs including Express Burn Disc which I used to burn cd's from the folders that contain all my mp3's that started not working properly with Windows Media Player.
All appears well.



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