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As you can see in that screen shot, my mp3 icons are acting weird. I couldn't recall anything that i have done with my PC to cause that problem. A night before it was fixed, i.e. the icons are still in their proper icons (as I've set in the preferences section of Winamp to look like this: click Here). However, when I used my notebook this morning and double clicked an mp3 file, it suddenly showed me the alert box "Windows cannot open this file". Perplexed, I then chose the option Select program from a list then chose Winamp. After that, all my icons became like that.

What I have already done:

1. Winamp has an option to change the icon for its associated file types. I tried switching icons. Futile.

2. I have also tried Associate a file type or protocol with a program (mp3->Winamp). Nada.

3. I've also tried changing the default player to my video player, KMplayer, the icons changed, but it was not the default icon for associated KMplayer files, it was just as what happened in Winamp, a square file icon with the selected program's main icon in the middle (see above screenshot). I tried opening my videos (ie, other files associated with KMplayer) and they were fine, showing the real icon of KMplayer.

4. From #3, i went to change the properties of my mp3 files then reselected Winamp as default program. The icons went back to what you can see in my above screen shot.

5. Tried my luck with HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Winamp_File_MP3\DefaultIcon. The location of the icon is in the exe of winamp. I guess this is associated with step #1. Didn't work.

6. Reformat-Reinstall Acronis' backup. WORKED.

Note that this isn't the first time it has happened to me. The first time it happened was when i associated a Winamp skin with Winamp as a default program (I reformatted 3 times to verify this). After that the icons screwed up. I tried step 6 then it was fine. I just had to place the skins in the Skins folder of Winamp so as to avoid skin file association with Winamp. But the problem is this last problem arose without me doing anything. With these, I speculate that something's mixed up with 7's mp3 file recognition. (or audio files in general)

Anyone have an idea what could be the cause or even a nicer solution?

OS:Windows 7 Build 7600

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