Windows 7 mp3s completely stop working, second time this has happened

I have windows 7 build 7000, the last time it did an update (a few days ago) all of my mp3s stopped working, they wouldn't play through any media player. I use winamp as my main media player, so I did a system restore prior to the update, then disabled automatic updates and everything worked fine again. Today, I was in the middle of playing a song, the song ended (all on winamp) and I clicked another song to play in my library and the same thing happened. No updates have been installed since the rollback, and nothing other than directx and my sound drivers have been installed, but that was a few days ago, as of today nothing has been updated or installed.

Anyone else have this problem? or a proposed solution? Not having any of my mp3s work on my computer is a pretty big pain in the ass :mad:

well i tried installing that but it popped up an error that said the patch was already installed on my computer..

so i did some research.

If anyone else has this problem, type in sound in the start menu, right click on speakers or any other primary sound hardware components, and go to advanced, and make sure the option that says something like "allow applications to have exclusive use" is unchecked, somehow those both got checked for me between AIM and winamp's installation. This has happened multiple times too so it must've been a programs installatoin that triggered it