MPIO-MG200 mp3 player compability issues

Ive got some odd compability issues with my MPIO-MG200 mp3 player (used to work fine on window xp).
Basically windows7 seems to find it and install some drivers to it straight away without any problems- shows up under the devices and with firmware V1.00.11.
But when I open it, it shows that it has 623MB free out of 1,91Gb and even though it shows that 2/3 of it is supposed to be full of something I cant see any of the files, theres just a couple empty folders (music, playlists, etc) there and if I add some songs, pictures or make some new folders there, they dont show up in the mp3 player.
Cant seem to find much firmware updates either, esp for windows7.

bump, Anyone have any ideas? :):)


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Windows is recognizing it as a media device and may be blocking your access to the files intentionally, if they are copyrighted. This is a complete guess and mystery to me as well. Have you tried accessing the device in Windows Media Player and seeing if any songs are listed?

I did try with windows media player, nothing shows up with that neither it lets me sync or add anything. Also few empty that show up are different to the real folders that show up in the mp3player itself or in winxp.

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