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Can anyone help please I done a reinstall about a month ago, just a couple of niggles to get rid of, everything went fine,but now my programs don't open up as quick as they did before the fresh install.I have an ACER ASPIRE DESKTOP 1TB LOADS OF MEMORY I clean out the rubbish regular, The computer boots up in one minute ten seconds,I don't have many programs running in the background.The Computer was running Vista but I upgraded to Windows 7 and have been very pleased with it.


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Can you specify at what part of the boot process the system seems to take a long time? Is it after the desktop appears, or during the login or prior to that?

Thank you for your help, The computer boots up really quickly one minute 20 seconds,The only little niggle is that when I click to open any program, example ( Firefox) (word) (excel)( IE 9)
or any of my programs.They used to open really quickly before I done the reinstall,I know its just a small problem but one that is very frustrating, If there is a solution I would be very grateful.



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If you wait a few minutes after the boot is completed, do they open normally? If it only happens just after boot, it might be something running a scan or a network connection being made or some other business (good or bad).

You can try to stop things from starting up using Msconfig and see if you can find what is doing it, but the best thing is to watch it very closely for a while and see if you can find anything that might be related to the slow starts, like drive or internet activity, anti-virus scans, etc.

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