MS has wrecked my pc

Maybe an exaggeration, but a recent windows update and now I have no sound, I have the report 'No audio output device installed ', downloaded from both manufacturers site and M$, and no go, it still fails to install. Rolling back doesn't work either. The sound device on my HP530 notebook is Conexant HD smart audio hd2.I am lost, can anyone please help ?


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:) Silverclaws Hi ! I think I have an answer to your problem. I believe your PC has an unusual driver set-up. You can't download High Definition Audio Driver without installing the Microsoft UAA Bus Driver installed. Perhaps you've already tried this, I don't know. (Another possible problem is an automated download server- some people report that down loading their driver from another site or country helps). Have you read through the posts on "No Audio Device Installed" by G. Anderson ? (As a last resort only, I've had success with return to factory settings)

Thank you Celestra, your help is very much appreciated as I have spent most of Sunday trying to fix the damned thing without success. I will look into what you have suggested and again thank you. It is just a pity HP support are not as forthcoming, well to again be cynical, they have my money hahaha.

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