MS Help Desk fewer Calls then Expected !!!

Discussion in 'Windows News' started by whoosh, Dec 17, 2009.

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    Microsoft Help Desk: Fewer Requests on Windows7 than Expected | Windows 7 News

    The success of Windows 7 can be measured by sales of Windows 7, or by new PC sales with Windows 7 installed, or the number of companies that are offering upgrade of their software to the Windows 7 environment; all positive signs. But there is another measure. The number of help desk calls received by Microsoft for support or assistance in solving Windows 7 problems. That number is a lot lower than what Microsoft expected. This is a sure sign that the product is performing a lot better than predecessors.
    According to Barbara Gordon, vice president of customer support for Microsoft, “Overall we are finding our call center volume is down significantly more than we expected.â€Â￾
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    Anything to do with the fact you get easier to understand and faster support if you post on forums like this, should you come across a problem ?

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