Windows 7 MS LifeChat LX-3000 Generating Echo on Win 7 64-bit


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I have done a good bit of searching on this topic, but I have not been able to find a solution. Here's the issue:

  • Running Windows 7 64-bit on a Lenovo W520 laptop
  • No W520-specifc audio drivers installed (just basic Windows drivers for high definition audio devices)
  • Using a Microsoft LifeChat LX-3000 headset with microphone

When using the headset, I want to be able to hear my voice through the headphones when speaking into the microphone ... helps me better control my own personal volume when on Skype calls, etc. So, to set this up, I did the following:

Configuring mic input to pipe through earphones
  • Windows Control Panel -> Sound
  • Select Recording tab, then select the Headset microphone and 'Properties'
  • Select the 'Listen' tab, and check 'Listen to this device'
  • Select the Headset earphone as the 'Playback through this device', so that my voice will pipe directly into the headset's earphones

So, when this is configured, I can now hear my voice through the headset's earphones while I speak, but there's a delay between my speaking and the audio in the earphones ... probably a few milliseconds. It's extremely annoying and renders this option useless. I've read that others have been able to solve this problem in Windows XP, but how can I eliminate this delay in Windows 7 64-bit?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.