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    Dec 21, 2012
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    I want to know how to uninstall, or otherwise remove Ms Paint. To all those who are going to want to know why or tell me I shouldn't; the why is that I hate it and think it is a piece of crap. I do not and will not use it and no one else uses my computer, so there is no good reason I should be forced to keep it. I'm using Win 7 Home Edition.
    It currently only lives in my system 32 folder. When I try to delete the .exe I am told that I need permission from the 'Trusted Installer". I tried to give me permission from trusted installer but that wasn't allowed either. I then tried booting in safe mode and deleting─no luck. Why Microsoft wants to make it so nearly impossible to uninstall components that some people never use and have nothing at all to do with the rest of Windows is beyhond me.
    Don't bother telling me how to live with it. I already know the world won't end if I can't get it off my computer. If you can't (or won't) tell me how to remove it, just don't respond.
    Thanks for any good advice.

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