MSCONFIG entry in registry


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I would like to clean up my disabled entries in MSCONFIG

BUT there is no entry for it in the registry
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Shared Tools\MSConfig\

on my desktop.

there is on my laptop.

When is MSCONFIG hiding these things???

How do i get it back????????


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Mine is certainly there:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Shared Tools\MSConfig\startupreg
Have another look.

I suggest you export the key first, in case you do something you later find a need for.
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Joe S

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Instead of cleaning the registry manually unless you are really sure what you are doing try running Ccleaner it does a good job. Just save the things it is ready to delete so you can restore if needed.


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Ccleaner won't get rid of the unused entries in MSconfig - startup tab


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I am really sure of what I am doing - i have done it many times before
There are NO entries under MSCONFIG as there are on my laptop.
There are entries in the msconfig window that are unchecked.
So why are they there if they are not in the registry.
they are someplace!!


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Have a look in these?

For 64-bit Windows 7 only:

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no idea why u posted that?
the unchecked entries are moved from those folders to folders under MSCONFIG
The issue is, there is nothing under MSCONFIG


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msconfig manipulates entries in the above reg locations by moving them in and out of locations under the MSCONFIG key.
If they are checked, they are in the start menu, reg run or runonce entry, or listed as a service.
if they are unchecked they are in a representative folder under MSCONFIG in the registry.

I have unchecked entries and there are no folders under MSCONFIG in the registry that hold these entries.

the were there at some point. they are there on my laptop.
so where are they? why did they go someplace else? (they must be someplace else for msconfig to display them as unchecked)


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If all you're interested in is removing those unchecked items from your MSconfig startup items list you can remove those entries using ccleaner. Open ccleaner, then click on tools on the left side, then click on startup from the list that comes up, pick which items you want to remove, then click delete.
Hope this helps.