MSDN O/S subscription to Windows 7 upgrade?

I own a completely legit (but as of now, expired) MSDN operating system subscription, which comes with 10 licenses for every version of windows currently released. The question is, if I buy two Windows 7 Pro upgrades right now while they're on sale, will I be able to use both of them? The thing is, the MSDN subscriptions give one CD key for each version of windows, and each key is good for 10 different activations; 10 computers. I don't know if W7 would recognize that, or if it does, it may require the subscription to be active to use it with more than one W7 upgrade. Anyone know what the deal is with this? I don't want to buy two W7 upgrades and only be able to use one, or possibly none, of them.

(also, I'd definitely be formatting for clean installs)

So no one knows the answer?

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