Windows 8 MSE AV/AM


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I successfully installed MSE AV/AM into Win 8 Dev Preview with great success. I am installed inside Virtual Box, so Av was not absolutely necessary, but wanted to see if it worked.
I am not absolutely sure, as it is not totally clear on Microsofts pages, but (I think) it is no longer needed as Defender has been reesteblished with full av capablities.
Windows Defender is only the AM portion of MSE. When MSE (includes both AM and AV protection) is installed, it automatically disables Windows Defender.
Perhaps Windows Defender has been changed, although I do know that when I installed MSE (just as in Win 7) it automatically disabled Windows Defender. Edit: This article explains a little more about Windows Defender. it does indeed appear that Windows Defender includes a much beefier and wider array of defenses. Perhaps MSE is no longer needed. MS is also working with other AV/AM developers to ensure their products work well with WIn 8. I will be uninstalling MSE. Thanks for the info Dave.
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