MSE full scan

Why does it take so long for MSE to complete a full scan of my system? Even the other spyware/malware apps doing a full scan takes at best up to an hour. With MSE running a full scan can take upwards of 5 plus hours and sometimes even longer.......this scan that is now running started at 10:43am and time elapsed since start is 07:58:05 and counting and is only half way through. This is the beta version I'm running and the version before still took a long time but not like this version. Anybody have any ideas.

Joe S

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Got any other security software running? Have any anti virus on before this? If so did you use their tool for removal? Sounds like something conflicting.

No other security software installed or running. MSE is my only AV. Haven't used any other AV since upgrade to windows 7. I'm thinking it's the beta version that I've got. I'm thinking of uninstalling beta and going back to non beta version.

I have a quiery about mse , I have had problems with my hard rives my graphic card and installation problems with ie9, I tried to install lavasoft adaware ,But this would not install,so I removed mse,and low and behold I installed a fantastic antiwalware program called malwarebytes,and this program found all and sundry fake download requests in win32 fake alerts you know the stuff,I had over 60 trojans and nasties on my laptop,I was getting popups when I was off line even after I uppgraded from Ie8 to Ie9. my quiery is why the hell did I trust microsoft, when they have given us windows millenium windows vista ,and windows defender,I am using this malwarebytes&avira free antivirus and I am telling you computer works fine, these are free programs that don't use alot of ram , like mse , I was using speedfan and it told me that my antivirus was using an unusally large amount of the memory, and I was stupid enough to remove speed fan and evga precision because of malware on my computer, I used avg it's good but the speed of these to is something to behold so try them

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