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i have just built a new rig and i'm having a couple of problems. As i said in the title i have a MSI 560 on a ASUS p67 mobo with a intel I5 2500.

I've had the computer for about 2 months now and a few days ago, when i started the computer, a message saying "disk read error, push ctrl + alt + delete" came up. I restarted my comp' a few times and it eventually booted. Then today the same message came up and i went through the same process and i got the computer to boot again.

This i could deal with however, my computer now has been on for about 16 hours (no big deal) but now it wont play youtube videos and huge artifacts and random triangles and things com up in games like battlefield BC2. The reason i put the time up here is that when i first started the computer it was doing video things fine...

I have updated my Nvdia drivers, but that didn't help. I was wondering if anyone could shed any light on my problem. Is it a compatability issue? i think this would be strange as everything is pretty new due to the sandy bridge cpu...the only pre-sandy bridge things in the comp' are the PSU, RAM and Hard drive. Are these the things at fault?

Thank You so much if you can help me :)


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Is this motherboard one of the revised ones, like B3? If not, have you tried changing the SATA connector to the hard drive?

You might run a memory test to see if it shows any memory problems.

Are you overclocking?

Listing your system specifications might help someone see a possible problem.

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