MSI 6800 HD can't push 3 monitors? Or win7 can't push 3 monitors?

I thought I read that this video card can push up to 4 monitors, my computer sees all three monitors but when I try to enable all three at once it says "Unable to save display settings".

What are you using to set up all 3 dislplays?

The video card has 2 DVIs, an HDMI and a Display port. I am using the two DVI and have tried both HDMI and an adapter for the display port.
My display properties show all three monitors but one has to be disabled.

OK, with an AMD card that has a display port, you must use the display port for all 3 monitors to work. Also you will need a monitor that has a displayport for this to work. Use display port for monitor 1, a DVI port for monitor 2 and 3. If you use the HDMI port it will knock out one of the DVI ports. Generally speaking the DVI port closest to the display port is DVI port 1 (which you will loose when using an HDMI cable) and then DVI port 2. Once this is all setup correctly, then use with in the CCC panel to set up all three monitors. Check out AMD's site for videos on how to setup and run multimonitors.
AMD Eyefinity Technology for Consumers

Ok got latest CCC and still will not do all three at once, every time I try in CCC I get a message telling me that I have to disconnect one of the other monitors. I have it set up using the two DVI and displayport. I again tried in windows display settings and that is still " unable to save settings".


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Which specific model do you have, since theres a lot of variation with multiple versions of each with different options.

Which model of what?
Graphics card..
AMD Radeon HD 6800 Series.

Monitors are..
2 - Asus 1920x1080 running on DVI & Samsung 61" TV on HDMI with Displayport converter.

System is..
Windows 7 64bit with 8 gigs of RAM, AMD X6 1090T.

On the 61" (holy crap that's big), what ends of the HDMI cable goes were? What type of display port adater are you using, active or passive? Sometimes it makes a difference which one you use. Find out which one you have and then try the other one.


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yes but which 6800 model is it? theres quite few variations all with different setups and features

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