MSI problem (common fix wont work)

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    Oct 8, 2009
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    hi guys,

    I just installed windows 7 and was glad with most of its features!
    The only problem I encountered (besides msn not going into the tray bar. now resolved)
    is that windows installer of MSI packages will stay still and not run at all.
    I get NO ERROR message.

    I tried installing both iTunes x64 and Steam with the same behavior:
    3 msexec running in task manager.
    and one using 13% of cpu steadily without any change in memory.

    I tried the registry fix and shutting down customer help program via gpedit + reboot

    no good.
    I need more help !


    Windows 7 x64 pro

    Well guys, I just found out PANDA ANTI-VIRUS interferes with MSI installers!
    For others having this problem, jsut de-activate auto-protection while you want to install the softwares.
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    Great you found the fix.

    Here is a tip: Right click on the icons and select properties and tun them in Vista mode. They will go to the taskbar and not to hidden icons when minimized.

    I wish there was a way to foce minimized programs to go to the hidden icon menu because I like to use a "close all" untility and it lets those programs keep running.

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