MSI RC410M motherboard

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None of the versions of Windows Vista have worked in my computer, no matter what i do, it installs all the way to the end and after boot uo it hangs and crashes. Have anybody has the same problem? Here's my specs:

Motherboard: MSI 410m with Ati X200
Processor: Pentium 4 3.06 ghz with hyperthreading
Memory: 1 Gig Corsair DDR2
Harddrive: Maxtor 160Gig 7200 rpm

Thanks in advance for your help.


Hi, Yep, I have the same motherboard and have exactly the same issues, none of the release candidates, betas or RTM releases work, even x64 version.
They all freeze during the performance evaluation, or if I get past that they'll freeze up at logon, If left for a long time it does continue, but even if I make the effort to get to the desktop, the things unusable. Sometimes pressing the power button will spring it into life, just to bring the shut down dialogue up....
Very annoying!
I have an MSI RC410M-L MB, 3.06Ghz CeleronD, 1Gb DDR2 533 Memory, ASUS ATI x1600 PCIe video, Maxtor Hard disks.
Tried stripping all extra hardware out, VGA card, one of the memory modules, tried different hard disks (SATA and PATA) same result, WHatever it is seems to be Motherboard related. I was going to try and find a bios (possibly from ECS) for a similar chipset motherboard, but am fed up.
I also pestered MSI but they just gave me the 'drivers aren't available until release' line.
I'm hoping they will come up with a driver that can be applied at install time, or a bios update to fix the problems, till then.... XP.



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I'm yet another person with an MSI RC410M-L mobo that isn't working properly with vista. We're not alone guys, theres a thread on the MSI forums. I suggest checking this page on a regular basis, in case theres an update or a work around for the problem with this mobo: RC410M Windows Vista Hangs up on 64 bit and 32bit versions

Rc-410-m motherless board

welcome to the forum on what not to buy, mine worked fine , then i tried to boot it up. blue screen ,hard drive failure, shutting down to stop damage to computer. HP, Tiger direct, ECS all sent me chaseing my tail until the limited warrantee was gone. i am puting a Intel Board in like i did on this machine. ECS won't admit problem. looking forward to new install on other machine oh there is a hard drive controller failure in the RC410m board but they won't admit that buy pci,drive controller. works for a while...




I have the same motherboard in my E-machines T-3516 I have also had issues with installing vista on my machine.
I had enough memory, an alright CPU, and way than enough hard disk space
but everytime I started installing vista it towards the end of installation it would fall into the blue screen of death, so i searched around and searched some more and found nothing.
finally I looked to e-machines website for every possible update for my PC there was and the first one I tryed and bingo it worked.
My problem was fixed with a simple BIOS update

i have the same motherboard and i have had windows xp pro, Windows vista ,and now i have windows 7 on my pc and they all have worked with no problem there must be something wrong with the board or maybe you need more memory it takes at least 1gb of memory for Vista.

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