msn wont work! and so wont a few other things...


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Ive recently installed vista on my laptop, however ive found that windows live messenger wont work:
it opens up but then says 'windows live messenger has stopped working, a promblem caused the program to stop working....'
then it says that the DEP (Data Execution Protection) had stopped it to protect my computer. You can change the settings of this but when i try to had msn to the ignore list it says that that program cant be turned off! ive tried reinstalling it and all that, but am at a loss now.
Any help?

I have a touchpad thing on my laptop which if you rub down the side it scrolls down the page (not sure what its proper name is!) well this has stopped working too since putting vista on. (also the square navigation thing on the mousepad doesnt do anything any more either) Any way to correct this?

Another small one,
on the start menu i click 'pictures', 'music', 'games'. However when i click 'music' nothing happens. i look at the properties and there is nothing there. I'm not sure whats wrong or how to solve this.

These are all my proble, for now :rolleyes:


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Hi Pooh,

you don't say if your laptop is an Acer or not but if it is try checking out this page here:
How to stop DEP crashing Messenger on Vista at Fanatic Live

If that doesn't work try this :
Disable and Turn Off (or Enable or Turn On) Data Execution Prevention (DEP) in Windows Vista » My Digital Life

As for your other problems see if there's any driver updates on the laptop manufacturers website.


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Oh, I seem to have got msn working now, all I had to do was right click and run as administrator... well wasnt that easy after hours of looking for answers.

And yes I do have an acer.

Time to find more solutions...

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