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I just register to this great website/forum which many times helped me but now its time to create my own Thread :)


I want to install some .msp files but I want to be sure that the installation completed without any errors.
Even if the return code is (0) Success is there any possibility to have corrupted files in my software?
Is there anything which I can do to prevent that and be sure that my installation is 100% succesfull?

If you have hint for VBS scripts are very welcome :)

Thank you


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The file system will check the integrity of the msp file before it is applied. Returning a successful error code means that the update has been successfully executed by the update or hotfix programs. If any installed files were corrupted in the process it would not return a zero error code so you can be sure that the update has run successfully. I am not aware of anything that you either could or should need to do to ensure valid execution.


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Just taking the enviromental variable %errorlevel% right after the installation of the .msp is ok? Do you suggest to "trap" another exit code ? And how I can get it with a VBS?

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