Windows 7 Multi boot xp-vista-win7-mandriva2008 w/grub


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Jan 17, 2009
I have xp installed on a sata drive 0 Partition 0
I have vista installed on ide drive 0
I have mandriva installed on ide drive 1
The grub mbr is on sata drive 0 partition 0 and boots all three
Boot Mandriva
Boot Windows-XP
Boot Windows-Vista

Now I installed Win7 on sata drive 0 partition 1
but win7 boot mgr attaches to vista on ide drive 0
So if I point grub to sata drive 0 partition 1 to boot win7 it errors
if I boot vista I get the dual boot option vista or win7

If I unplug the ide drives and do a fixboot /fixmbr
then it attaches to xp on sata drive 0 partition 0
Same error to boot win7
Now boot xp and get the dual boot option

So is there a way to keep win7's boot mgr on win7's partion with out messing with the other partitions
so I can get Grub to boot win7 like the rest

To address the issue with the Windows 7 bootloader attaching to Vista or XP on different drives, you can follow these steps to ensure the Windows 7 boot manager is contained within its partition:

1. Partition Management: Ensure that the Windows 7 partition has its own bootloader and isn't sharing it with other Windows installations. You might need to manually install the bootloader on the Windows 7 partition instead of using automatic installation methods that might overwrite other bootloaders.

2. Bootloader Configuration: Use the Windows 7 installation or repair disk to access the Command Prompt and run the bootrec commands to repair or rebuild the bootloader specifically for the Windows 7 partition. This will isolate the Windows 7 bootloader to that partition.

3. Grub Configuration: Adjust the Grub configuration to point directly to the Windows 7 bootloader on its own partition. This way, Grub will correctly load the Windows 7 boot manager when you select Windows 7 from the boot menu.

By ensuring that each Windows installation has its own bootloader within its partition and configuring Grub to correctly point to the Windows 7 bootloader, you should be able to boot Windows 7 without issues while maintaining the ability to access your other operating systems through Grub.