Windows 7 Multi-Taskbar on Dualscreen?


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I have a laptop and I have had Windows 7 since the week it was released. What I really miss is the dual screen with a taskbar on the other screen too. Multimon (which I used in Vista) ads the old vista style taskbar to the second monitor. Do you know any software to solve this?

Microsoft has also considered the possibility of a single taskbar spanning across whatever number of desktops available. However, in this context, Sareen indicated that the problem itself was not the taskbar, but the space available to display information on the windows launched.

“We thought it would be good to just offer a brief discussion on the specifics of solving this design problem as it is one we have spent considerable time on. One of the approaches in general we are working to do more of, is to change things when we know it will be a substantial improvement and not also introduce complexities that outweigh the benefits we are trying to achieve,â€Â￾ Sareen concluded by saying.

The fact is, Microsoft is working on the Windows 7 taskbar. A preview of what the Redmond giant has in store was made available during the first public presentation of Windows 7. At that time, Corporate Vice President, Windows Experience Program Management, Julie Larson-Green, refused to disclose any details about the changes coming to the Windows 7 taskbar, even if the item was clearly visible on the screen of the operating system's demo computer.

Windows 7 Tasksbar Multi-Monitor Support -

may be in final release (hoping so so I could do with extended taskbar - using dual monitors of equal size)