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Hi guys im new to windows 7 from xp and i have bought everything including more memory to upgrade to windows 7.After the upgrade which was succesfully upgraded i had everything working except for the multimedia audio controller. After hours of searching i found a program called driver detective which downloaded the driver. The problem is that in the device manager it says that thiers still another mutimedia audio controller missing after i downloaded one already...basically they were two and i downloaded one and the other i have no idea how to fix. My sound isnt working although in the sound properties it shows the realtec driver installed i turned up all of the volume and thiers no red x on the system tray...i dont know whats the problem please help me...again i upgraded from xp to windows 7 ultimate.
I have a dell demension 4600


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Re: Sound not playing although audio drivers installed

I will assume you are using speakers. If you right click the speaker icon and go to playback devices, do you show the speakers as default?

My system shows two sound drivers, one Realtek and one High Definition audio. One or both may be included in Windows 7, or you may have a CD or a Download you could use. What is the Audio Device you show? Dell is usually good about keeping drivers available for download. Is this an older unit that does not show Windows 7 drivers?

Also make sure you are plugged into the correct port, and in some cases, plugging something into a front port might disable or change a back port.

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