Multiple Audio Output Selection And BLUETOOTH

Buetooth issue with WINDOWS 7

I have been doing a lot of research on this issue, and have been unable to come up with a solution.

I have a BLUEETOOTH dongle attached to each of my 3 systems. I use BLUETOOTH as my default audio device The sound quality is great. (Far better than that of a laptop.)

I have a BLUETOOTH reciever attached to my stereo system, used for streaming PANDORA radio. I also have several other portable BLUETOOTH recievers, one of which I like to use outside on the deck.

Why is it that WINDOWS 7 only allows 1 audio device to be used at a time. I would like to stream audio to multiple BLUETOOTH devices, but WINDOWS 7 does not allow that.

When right clicking on the speaker icon to bring up "playback devices", only one device is allowed to be set as default! Also, if I want to pair with a second device, a pop up window tells me that I must first disconnect the device that is already paired, before I can pair a different device. Why is that?

If anyone out there knows a way to pair more than 1 BLUETOOTH device at the same time, and output audio to more than 1 device at a time, I would love to know the solution.

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I do not run any bluetooth devices, so I am not familiar with how they are set up, but have you looked into the Windows Media Center to see if it will stream to several sources?

If you have one bluetooth transmitter connected to your coumputer, can it be set to talk to several bluetooth receivers or are they on different settings.

You might also check the Volume Control Options panel to see if any setting there would help.

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I have not tried WINDOWS MEDIA CENTER, but I will look into that.

Thanks for the reply Saltgrass.

What I do know is:

Connecting to a bluetooth device requires "pairing" to it. Pairing links the transmitter to the reciever.

1. WINDOWS itself prevents "pairing" to more than 1 device. A "paired" device must be disconnected, before "pairing to a different device.

2. "Playback Devices", (right click on speaker icon to get there), does not allow more that one device to be setup as the default device. I look at this as a flaw in the OS. It prevents allowing sound to be transmitted from the computer to an external reciever, while at the same time listening through the normal computer speakers.

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