Multiple Copies of IE 8 Running at same time

On my Windows XP machine, I can open multiple copies of Internet Explorer 8, each one in a different window, all showing at the bottom of the display. I have not found a way to do this with my Windows 7 Professional and IE 8. I don't know if this is an IE or a Windows option, or if it even available with Windows 7. Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
Charles Ranheim

I found a way to open multiple copies of my IE home page. I open the first one by clicking on the IE Icon. I can open others by using Ctrl + N while on the first open IE screen. To see what each copy is doing, just hold the pointer over the IE Icon, and it will show the multiple copies in stacked format. Ctrl + N just copies the existing screen, even if it has changed because of activity on it. This is why I make my copies of my home page before I alter the first one.
Charles Ranheim

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