Windows 7 Multiple desktops/workspaces in Win7


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May 9, 2009
I haven't been able to figure out definitely if Win7 has multiple desktops or workspaces a'la Linux? I'm also a Linux user (actually have been using it more than XP until I took the plunge into the Win7 RC) and really miss being able to spread out over multiple workspaces. Anyone know if this is possible, preferably native to Win7 (I used IBDesk for XP to give me similar functionality, it was more bolt-on that native in support)?

I've checked this out for exactly the same reason. I'm used to using 8 - 12 workspaces on Gnome (though I vaguely recall likeing KDE 3.5's workspaces at one point).

I've not found anything as smooth as that, and I've looked. I will say that I'm finding the new Win7 taskbar to be a great improvement over Vista considering the lack of workspaces.
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