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I have, today, installed Win 7 on a new computer. I have been using XP until now. I have googled and searched through the forum for an answer to this problem but can't find anything. Either I am the only one that has it, or I am the only one that it bothers ;)

I have a folder with 200 audio files of various formats. I want to select only the .OGG files whose filenames start with "A".

On XP:
I would sort by filename, select all the "A" files, re-sort by file type, using CTRL and the mouse, I would then deselect non-OGG files.

When I try this on Win 7 my selections are cleared when I re-sort.

Is there a setting somewhere that I need to change?

Thanks in advance.


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You might try using "Group By" in combination with "Sort By".


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This should be simple. Sort all by name. Don't select yet. Then sort by type. The types should be in alphabetical order so now you can select the 'A's from the type you need.

Thanks for the suggestions. I'm at an XP machine today. Will try these as soon as I get home.

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