Windows 7 Multiple icon change in .lnk Shortcut

Giacomo Buico

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Apr 3, 2013
I probably have a silly problem, but I can't find a way out after hours of google.
I have a folder with pictures. I moved some of them to a different folder and replaced them with a shortcut to the new location.
The newly created shortcut works perfectly but its icon is the icon of the refered picture with the small "shortcut arrow" overimposed.
This is not ok for my scope and I want to replace this icon with a generic fixed one i.e. "stop signal".
This can be easily done with a right click on the Shortcut, then Properties, Change Icon, etc.
Unfortunately this needs to be repeated for each and every Shortcut I have to change, because if I do a multiple selection before the right click the Change Icon dialog is not available.
Is there a way, a command, a program, whatever, that I can use to do the icon change in many Shortcuts at once?
Thanks for reading till here
I'm not sure that's possible as each icon will relate to a different address on the pc. I could well be mistaken though and perhaps another forum user will know for sure.
Thanks for you quick answer.
To my knowledge, shortcut files (.lnk) are small data files containing, among other information, a pointer (full path, file name) to the target file and the pointer to the icon.
I agree that changing the pointer to a single target file in many shortucts makes no sense, but having them use the same icon may be an option and is exactly what I need.
This is like changing the attribute of a group of files keaving unchanged the rest.
I'm pretty sure that there is a hidden freeware somewhere.... I've to find where :)
Still... I wonder why this is not standard in Windows...
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