Multiple Instances of programs even when I have that disabled

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Help and Support' started by PsyChoFok, Sep 21, 2012.

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    HI. I have just clean installed my Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit and after installing all my apps and drivers I'm finding a stupid and irritating problem.

    every time I download a .torrent file and tell it to open with (uTorrent) default app it will open another instance of the app and then I have to close the older one because it doesn't register that it has a new torrent only in the new instance does it.

    this also goes for anything I download with IDM Internet Download Manager
    whenever the completed download dialog appears another instance of IDM open in the tray and the older instance doesn't register that it has downloaded the file.

    also I have always used Enqueue in Winamp and even with the settings like that if I enqueue or open a music file it opens another instance of winamp instead of just opening in the current instance. the allow multiple instances is not ticked.

    I'm not sure if there are other programs doing this but this is really troubling me as I have just finished a clean install and am happy with my settings. if I must reinstall I will but maybe someone can help or even get info from my setup while it's like this to help in future and for other people.

    Thanks for reading

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    Is your C drive an SSD drive?

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