Multiple issues with Windows 7


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For 2 weeks I have been trying to determine what is causing the problems I am having with Windows 7 but with no luck and a few other people telling me they are experiencing the same problems. I have ran antivirus scans with AVG 9.0 with no luck I have also ran Malwarebytes and SUPERantiSpyware also with no luck.

The symptoms are as followed:
Can not open and run any antivirus program in normal mode only in safe mode.
Can not run windows update.
Windows update also says I have never updated which I have.
Can not run any internet program except Internet Explorer.
Internet explorer runs the goes to not responding.When shut down can not reopen explorer have to restart PC.
All system restore points were deleted. Made a new point and that was deleted.
Can not open task manager any way. (alt ctrl del or right clicking on right side of task bar.)
I also can not add/remove programs.

Computer is a Toshiba Satelite with AMD Turion X2 processor
Vista was installed and was upgraded to Windows 7 Ultimate.

Another person I have talked to with same problems on 2 computers had to do a fresh install of which I am trying to work around doing. I have files on this computer I dont want to lose. I have time to play with the machine before I have to reinstall. So any help would be great.
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If you are unable to save, copy or move any of you files, and you want to save any important files/data, best option is to boot up on a "Live" cd. (There are several available for download on the web) and do it from there.
You can transfer them to a CD or create a seperate partition and save them there.
I haven't looked at the details, but I do recall reading that AVG9 has been causing some problems in Windows 7. TRy Torrentg's tipo and see if that works.
Another possible saver might be to create another user and see if it has the same problems.


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Ok I uninstalled AVG9 and installed ESET NOD32 antivirus software. I also installed spybot search and destroy. SB found two trojans and deleted them. I am still having the problems of not being able to update windows through windows 7 I also cannot go to microsofts website to download the updates. Everything runs fine for about 10 minutes then IE freezes and I can not get the task manager to open. Everything stops responding so I go to start and press restart and the computer locks up and I have to do a hard restart. The funny thing is that I have been playing pokerstars for 3 hours now and it has not froze but I can not open any programs now. I created another restore point and that once again was deleted. I am about ready to pull what hair I have left out. Please help