Multiple licences

I have 3 PCs running Windows 7 Ultimate RC. What is the cheapest way to buy a new licence for all 3? Is there a 3 licence pack for instance?

Mulitple licences

Sorry, you didn't read my post - I said Windoes 7 Ultimate - not Home Premium.

That you have 3 PCs each running Windows 7 Ultimate RC is not enough evidence that you want 3 Ultimate versions, especially that you ask for a cheapest way.

I have no idea if you want an upgrade or a clean install, I'm sorry.

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Sorry, I'm not being clear. I simply want to continue to use Windows 7 and thought I had to stick to Ultimate. However I think I need Professional as I'm running a home network.
So what is the easiest and cheapest way obtain W7 Professional, is it an upgrade with 3 licences, a new install with 3 licences, or 3 individual packs?

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