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hi reinstalled win 7 and im having a hard time setting up my panasonic plasma tv as my 2nd monitor.
my primary monitor is a viewsonic lcd monitor which works fine but windows 7 and/or nvidia cannot detect my plasma tv.
i have a gtx285 dual dvi vidcard with the latest nvidia driver.
used the same setup with win7 before and both monitors were detected right away and worked perfectly.
any suggestions?
thanks for helping!


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Hello doggydogg and welcome to the Windows7forums.

I have a very similar setup.

Do you have an HDMI cable connected to the Panasonic TV or what connections are available of the Panasonic TV?

Maybe the dual mionitor setup is causing the problem, identifying both your monitors but not the TV. Try removing one DVI connection from one monitor and see if it then identifies the Panasonic.

As I said, there has to be an active connection to the TV for it to be recognize Please fill out your computer specifications in the UserCP link located at the top of the page. this will be very helpful.

To gather more specific device information, go to Start > Run, and type msinfo32 and expand the Components section.

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hi reghakr and thanks for the quick reply.

my viewsonic is connected via dvi while the plasma thru an hdmi cable (dvi-hdmi adapter)

when i reinstalled win7, only one dvi port was used which was for the viewsonic lcd.
i added the panasonic plasma days after the fresh install.
i also tried connecting my viewsonic to the 2nd port but still no display, does this mean that there is a possibility that my 2nd port is not working properly, hence not being able to detect the monitor attached to it?

im quite confused, it was so much easier the first time i installed win7 =p

hi its me again just an update.
i dont know what i did, but my vid card now sees my plasma,
however, no picture is being displayed,
just plain black on both hdmi ports (1&2)
the nvidia software lets me choose which monitor to use or both,
when i use both monitors, my mouse disappears to the right as if there is another screen to the right,
however, my plasma remains blank.
any help will be greatly appreciated


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It seems to me that no signal is getting to the TV to display the Windows interface.

Have you used your TV remote to change to all available ports?

Doe the inno3d gtx285oc ed card use the Nvidia GPU?

If so, have you gone here NVIDIA DRIVERS 190.62 WHQL to download the latest drivers.

Does you multi-monitor setup look like the attached screenshot?

hi, yes i do have the latest nvidia driver and the inno3d vid card uses the nvidia gpu.

this is weird, my screenshot shows my extended monitor
but i cant see anything from the actual tv, maybe my tv's broken?


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Has this worked previously before instyalling Windows 7?

By "extended monitor", do you mean your other computer monitor, not the Panasonic?

Does your Panasonic work on it's own?

I'll try my screenshot again.

hi i dont have the options that you have.
please refer to my screen shot.
as you can see, my screen shot shows my 2nd desktop but my plasma is still blank
my panasonic plasma tv works fine.
im using a viewsonic lcd for my primary monitor and panasonic plasma tv as my "extended" or monitor 2
yes, this worked before, vista and win7.
i dont know what happened? maybe its the new nvidia driver?
Imageshack - screen1p


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Mine used to show up that way, but now displays the names of the monitors (TV).

I'm using Nvidia Control Panel 1.4.310.0

Are you using the same version.

Under Setup multiple displays, can you choose "My display is not shown in the list"?

hi i think my plasmas working fine,
i attached another lcd thru the same hdmi port
and it seems that there is still no signal going through.
my nvidia control panel ver is
i can click on "my display is not shown..."
attached a screen when clicked.

if i remembered right, used to have an option of extending or cloning the monitors.
but now its gone.

ImageShack -

thanks for your time.

when the pictures of the monitors are right clicked "here" are the options.
Imageshack - 39151801
when i click "clone" still no display on my plasma...


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About the only thing I can think of, is to uninstall the current Nvida driver's, reboot and see if Windows has a driver for your graphics card.

I'd use {URL=Revo Uninstaller Freeware - Free and Full Download]Revouninstaller[/URL] to uninstall the drivers in Programs and Features.

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