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I have a Dell Precision M60 with a NVIDIA Quadro FX Go1000 video card. I just upgraded to 7 from XP and now i cannot get my display to extend to my 2nd monitor. I used to use vniew manager(which was awesome) but i see thats no longer supported. Anway in device manage my monitor shows up it is a Samsung SyncMaster731n, but in the screen resolution page it only shows one screen. Nvidia says i have the latest drivers for my system.
If you would like to know anything else please let me know, and thanks in advance.


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but in the screen resolution page it only shows one screen.
You are talking about right clicking on the Desktop and selecting Screen Resolution I assume. If you click on Detect, what does it do?

I am not running two monitors, so I can't check.

Does the Nvidia card have to be told there are two monitors? The cables have good connections?

How old are the monitors?

I've tried didnt do anything. Well its my laptop screen then a Samsung monitor. I'm not really sure how old it is... i've prob had it a couple of years now, but it worked right before the upgrade so i doubt anything went wrong with it. Cables are all good to go and i've double checked.
I'm not sure how to tell the card to display to both the laptop screen and the samsung monitor..that is pretty much my problem.

Thanks for the quick reply


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There is normally a monitor key with 3 possible settings, laptop only, monitor only, or both, or something like that but you just hit the key the number of times you need to get what you want.

Yea its Fn+F8 for my machine and when i do the laptop display just flickers alittle bit then comes right back...

Control Panel
Connect to a Projector

Then click the option you want



Remember to go through these stages again when you want to disconnect the 2nd monitor

I run a multiple monitor system, and this works fine for me

There is no "connect to a projector" option in the display page...

and window + p doesn't do anything


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If you have been having problems with it for a while, Win 7 may have just aggravated it.

Do you think the keyboard is working OK, cleaned it out lately?

That keyboard shortcut may be a Dell thing and you may have to load some Dell software to handle that. Do other buttons like the eject DVD or whatever working normally?

Have you tried a different external monitor? Someone with a 10 year old monitor said his went black during boot and stayed that way, but came back after putting the computer to sleep and waking it up. Replacing the monitor fixed the problem, and his problem was related to Win 7, or so he thought.

Maybe try turning off Aero to see if it helps.

I mean before i upgraded i was running XP with daul view just the display properties both screens were listed and i used nview display manager to manage them.

Keyboard is working

All my other Fn + __'s work...brightness, eject, wireless on/off...

I have not tried a different external monitor...but i dont really have another one to try...i could prob borrow one from someone, but i really need to get mine working...and i know the monitor is functioning...
if i unplug it from the comp it does the "Check Signal Cable" thing and then when i plug it in it goes away...

I dont really know much about this Aero dealy...but from what i thought it is already off... at on point during set up windows analyzed my comp and my graphics performance received too low of scores to run Aero...after posting this i'll google it and see

i just thought this had to be a driver issue or just a simple setting i was missing in 7 but i really dont know...i just know this only one screen is driving me nuts...


Hey everybody...
i got it going...

i ended up installing the original drivers my machine came with way back in 04 from Dell's website...and then ran them in XP in compatibility mode...when i rebooted it recognized my card and Samsung display and im up and running and its looking great.

Thanks to everybody who replied

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