multiple network problem


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i'm trying to connect a computer to 2 networks simultaneously. the first network is a WLAN connected to a router with internet access. the second is a LAN connected to a router with no internet access that i set up for faster file transferring amongst the multiple computers in my room. the router with internet access is in a distant part of the house and i do not want to be running wires throughout the house. with both networks connected, i am able to connect to and transfer files amongst both the LAN network in my room as well as the WLAN network throughout the rest of the house, but i am unable to access the internet. once i disable the LAN network, i am able to access the internet again. how can i resolve this problem so that i can have both networks connected and be able to access the internet? TIA.


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A quick idea would be to examine your ip configuration for both do not need a default gateway for your lan so if there is one remove it and set the ip static using something outside the scope of whatever your DHCP server is handing out. Then make sure your wireless connection has the proper default gateway pointing out to your routers inside address. Two default gateways will generally always cause some problems and since you are not going outside on the lan side just remove the default gateway. Let us know if this works