Multiple start-up degradation errors

My Gateway ML3109 runs lean and clean with only Office 2003 and no startup programs listed in Defender Explorer. Recently it has begun to slow down signifcantly on startup. I found errors logging in the Diagnostic-Performance>Operational Event Log, usually with a Critical 100 event about startup degradation, accompanied by multiple Errors about indiviual apps/drivers taking longer to complete resulting in performance degradation in system start-up process. Most recent are Event 105 "Foreground optimizations (prefetching) took longer to complete, resulting in a performance degradation in the system start up process," Events 102 "This driver took longer to initialize, resulting in a performance degradation in the system start up process: HdAudAddService, PptpMinport, Ndistapi, NdisWan, AgereSoftModem; Events 101 "This application took longer than ususal to start up...: LogonUIxe, mmc.exe, svchost.exe, etc. Each time it seems to be different services, drivers and applications which are delayed and they individually troubleshoot ok.

I was advised by Gateway to do a clean reinstall which I have done twice with no change in the situtation, leading me to believe it might be a setting in the Boot or BIOS which is incorrect. It is the same with or without my Avast antivirus. Any help would be much appreciated because this is ruining what was once a fast notebook.

Hi gregrocker

It would help to have some specs. for your machine. Have you upgraded it from XP to Vista.? If so is SP1 installed.?
What memory is installed (RAM)??
Does it have an shared memory integrated graphic card?
What processor is running?
Was this a "fast notebook" when it was running XP and did the problems start when you upgraded to Vista??

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