Music or video playback slows down my Internet connection

Here's my issue :
I have a new computer with Windows 7. My Internet connection is usually fast, but when I play music or videos, it becomes suddenly incredibly slow. It can take several minutes to load a basic web page like Google. If I pause the music/video and refresh the page, it loads in less than a second.

- The problem doesn't seem to come from my browser because I've tried with other browsers like Firefox and IE8 with no add-ons and it was still slow. It also affects other programs that use Internet (e.g. Vuze).
- The problem doesn't seem to be my Internet connection because I have a second computer that runs with XP and the connection is always good.
- The problem doesn't seem to be the media player because I tried with WMP12, Real Player and GOM player.
- It might be a speaker issue because I don't experience this problem when the sound comes out of my headphones. It only happens when the sound comes out of my "Wireless Music System for PC" from Logitech. (this is a Bluetooth device).

Can anybody help me to fix that?

Hi. Yep...

Visit to update the drivers for the Wireless Music System to the latest available.

You can also visit the webpage for your motherboard to download and install the latest networking drivers. If you are connecting through a wireless adapter, visit the manufacturer's site to obtain the latest driver for it and install.

Install this latest Realtek HD Audio driver, as almost all new computers have this type of sound. If you don't, it simply will refuse to install:


Hello akoug,
Les try a couple of things.
First you can also try resetting Internet Explorer's settings by going to
--> Tools
-- > Internet Options and then the "Advanced" tab, and click "Reset..."
And as a rule if you are viewing a lot of media it downloads and fills up your cache, so everyone once in a while you should emty your cache, clear your history etc. here are some steps.
Internet Explorer 8:
--> Tools -->Delete Browsing History
--> Preserve Favorites (leave blank)
--> Check Temporary Internet files
--> Check Cookies
--> Check History
--> Click Delete
In addition I would make sure your drivers for your audio and video cards are up-to-date, you can download the latest drivers from their respective support sites.
IE Outreach Team

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