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Hey, I've got tow hard drives, one with an old xp install that contains all the music I have collected over the years. Now I can't seem to play a great deal of the songs in windows 7 in either WMP or Winamp. Now I'd just listened to these songs a week ago on XP. I've taken ownership and have full control over the folder. Any Ideas?


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Did you try to transfer the files to your new hard drive to see if that would work

I imagine it would but its the exact opposite of what I'm trying to do. No offense. these are both really small drive 80gb a pop, my main drive is a 10,000rpm and the other is god only knows. I try to keep all my less drive intensive stuff on the old one.


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just transfer one song that did not play so we can rule that out

I did that and it does work, probably should have mentioned that earlier. It doesnt seem to be a problem with the data. so what the hell is windows 7 not doing right here?


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ok so you can play it if it is transfered to your mian hard drive now this is wierd and you gave yourself complete control over the harddrive what errors messages pop up when you try to play the file

"Windows Media Player cannot find the file. If you are trying to play, burn, or sync an item that is in your library, the item might point to a file that has been moved, renamed, or deleted" Winamp just skips it.


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I never use WMP to play music but I have a suggestion for WinAmp. Did you try "Add Media to Library" under the File menu in WinAmp? Then browse to your folder?

Here's another idea. Is the file where your music is in "My Documents"? If it is it falls under "Documents and Settings" and that might be protected.

I have taken ownership and have full control of the entire tree to the music files. Nothing seems to be working here. What I have noticed is that I am unable to play songs that dont have their tags filled out but when I copy them to my main drive they are filled out and are able to be played.

Ok did a little digging and I've found that while the files I can play have 5 groups listed in the security tab the other only have 3. Maybe a clue? I can't figure it out.

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