Must 'Run as Administrator' to use FTP or Dreamweaver program

Two identical issues:

1) Whenever I open a FTP program and try to copy a file from the server to my computer, my FTP program says it failed to open the file location for writing.... however if I close the FTP program and re-open it by right-clicking and 'Run as Administrator', then try to copy a file from the server to my computer it works fine.

2) The same exact issue when using Dreamweaver to edit a HTML file on my computer. If I open Dreamweaver and edit a file and try to save it, it tells me I dont have enough permission. If I close Dreamweaver and re-open it by right-clicking Dreamweaver and 'Run as Administrator', I am able to open, edit and save a HTML file without any issues.

Clearly this is a UAC issue or something. How can I change my settings so I can edit files with certain programs without having to run the program as an administrator?


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Thanks for updating your thread.

Found the answer, I created a task to run with highest privelages, then created a shortcut to run that task... Elevated Program Shortcut without UAC Prompt - Create - Windows 7 Forums
I tried the link you suggested, and went through all the steps. The shortcut appeared to create just fine, but when I clicked on it, it looked like it started to open a window, and then the window immediately collapsed. If I right click on my program link shortcut (not the one through task scheduler), the program works fine, so that run as administrator command was the problem. I would however like to use the task scheduler as you suggested, so would appreciate any suggestions as to why it might not be working. The program I am running is an FTP program by Ipswitch.

Take the easy way out.... Control Panel -> Action Center -> User Account Control == "Never Notify".

No more BS about elevated this or denied that and no messing with the task scheduler (which is a royal dog's breakfast in Win7).

I use WS-FTP (have used it for years) and never a problem.

Thanks for your suggestion. How risky is it to shut off the User Account notfiy button? I am the only user on this computer, and it is password protected, so would that make it completely safe?

Thanks for your suggestion. How risky is it to shut off the User Account notfiy button?
First you need to understand what UAC does... It simply looks for a "Manifest" imbedded in a program's code (resources section). If it doesn't fine an acceptable manifest, it pops up the UAC dialog "Do you really want to do this?" ... Older programs, written before Visat will not have this manifest section and will trigger the UAC. Newer programs, including a growing number of viruses can walk right around the UAC by including the required manifest.

I'm working on a coding project right now that drove me nuts till I figured this out... Now with the manifest in the file, my stuff won't trigger the UAC, even in a guest account...

So basically UAC is another Bright (read: "Useless") invention from Microsoft. Programs that were safe yesterday are not going to turn dangerous this morning... that thing only needs to ask you once for each program. The constant nagging is some of the best advertising Apple has ever had.

Turning it off will only make your computer easier to use....

I run my machines with no virus protection, no firewalls, no system restore, no swap files... and in 18 years on the internet I've only once been hit by a virus and that took me less than 5 minutes to remove. Believe me, neither you nor I are "big fish" and it's very unlikely anyone would waste the time trying to attack our systems. 90% of the anti-virus protection you need comes from the hardware firewall in your router or modem...

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