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I can't seem to get in the Windows 8 section of the Forum but, what the heck, may as well put this somewhere... Must say that the Ribbon & File functionality & offerings in the Windows 8 Explorer Windows is an absolute joy. Things are so clear, in-your-face, easy to understand & convenient*. The more time spent w/ 8, learning & discovering using and navigating w/in it... it will be hard for people to dislike it. It gets to be really rather neat & fun making usage sensible & pleasant. Takes some open-minded adjusting but, upon 'investigating', tends to grow on you. Also, the display, font, graphics appearance are amazing & impressive; so is the speed! As for the 1st point(*)... comes across a bit like, geeesh, should have always been like this. :thumbs_up: Drew


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I can't seem to get in the Windows 8 section of the Forum
It is an entirely separate site and will likely remain so permanently. We also stage major test updates to the forum from there from time to time, or run new code. But it is a completely separate site that requires a separate login. There are a lot of reasons for doing this, but mostly because we know Windows 8 is going to be completely new and require its own dedicated website.

Yes, cool.

Was more focusing on what was said about Win8 than about the Win8 section.


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