Mutually view partitions from each other

I installed first WinXP in partition C:, then created partition D:. Both NTFS.
Then I installed Win7 in partition D:.
When I open Win7, it nevertheless starts with "C:" and accesses WinXP files under (now called) "D:"!
When I open WinXP, it also starts in C:, but has no access to the Win7 partition.
It should be possible to see (browse) Win7 folders and files from WinXP, too! But how?

I in another computer have Win2k in C: and WinXP in D:. There WinXP starts in D: and can access Win2k in C:.
The other way around, Win2k starts in C: and can access WinXP files in D:.
Very useful in rare cases! Like a boot-disk on the hard-disk. As an example, I once had a nasty spyware that came back when removed by an anti-spyware. One of its files couldn't be removed and instead reinstalled it. I could, however, remove it from Win2k, and it never came back.

I want it like that here, too!

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When you dual boot with Windows 7 the drive you boot into always shows as C:\.
But, you can see both partitions from either OS.

I don't know why you wouldn't be able to see the Windows 7 partition from XP.
I had my computer set up that way for a year.

I did actually have my XP and Windows 7 on different hard drives but I don't think that should make any difference.
You should be able to see your whole computer from either.

Is there any possibility that the Windows 7 partition is marked as hidden somehow in XP?

Can you post a screen shot of Disk Management from both XP and Windows 7?
I don't remember anymore what disk management looks like in Windows XP.


Thanks! After updating WinXP to SP3 and all later updates, it works. Now I can "see" Win7 from WinXP and, - if ever needed - hopefully also get into folders through the back door that Win7 doesn't allow to open (or I can take ownership of them). For reasons mentioned.

All the best to you!
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Glad you got it fixed.

Good luck.


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