MVP/MCCA Recognition "badge" and posts here counting toward those awards

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    Two things really.

    1. Is there some way to recognize members who have MVP or MCCA designations with some type of badge or indicator next to their post identification information? I found a sneaky way to edit the comment below member status (as you can see though I missed how that was configured in the profile or settings section until I finally looked back and saw the status field which I didn't know what it meant or did so I left it alone until now and actually first noticed it as I was reading this post and that resulted in this edit to the original) - but it might work if explained (i.e., if Status was defined and indicated how it was used) and nobody cares if it's used that way. This may actually take care of this part of the suggestion if permitted.

    See my post here setup - Microsoft Answers for an example of how that forum uses the blue MVP marker to signify MVP status.

    Or, for another way, see my post here: 2012 Summer Olympics for how a different forum chooses to show it - and they include an MVP-specific forum only available to MVPs (but that's for another suggestion later - don't want to ask for too much all at once here).


    2. Can this forum be added to those where posting counts toward the MCCA designation (I don't believe MVP matters as long as the subject and posts are relevant - info on how they decide is scant to say the least)?

    As an example, see how just recently, SF was added: Seven Forums and Microsoft Community Contributor Award - Windows 7 Forums (and note in that first post the link to the MCCA Facebook page where other forums have since been added).

    I don't know how to do it, but imagine an email to (MCCGA at would get any answers needed and the process required.


    Thanks for considering these ideas whether they go no further than a "thanks for the suggestion" or if one or both are actually implemented.
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    Hi Kosh,

    Our inquiry on MCCA is pending with a Microsoft MVP lead and the MCCA Global Administrator. In regards to MVP status, simply e-mail one of our administrators, or use Contact Us - Windows 7 Forums with a link to your MVP profile page (for verification purposes), and we will begin a verification process for you.

    You may also place your MVP or MCCA, as well as any certifications that you feel are important, in your own signature and in your custom status area. Be aware that misrepresentation of this information may result in moderator action, but we will not prevent users from using this method.

    Best regards,
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