My browser(s) stop working after a while


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Hey everyone!

I have this really annoying issue and would be so thankful if anyone has any idea what could be causing it.
Every now and then (sometimes right after boot and sometimes after a couple of hours) my browsers don't respond anymore. They just won't open links anymore. I can try whichever site or lan address and it just stays still..tries to start loading the webpage/web address but stops after like a few miliseconds. Just as something was preventing it to connect. I tried a couple of the browsers and all with the same result. My torrents however continue to download normally, and I don't get disconnected from online play or MSN. However, after this happens, if I wasn't connected before the event, I am no longer able to log in to MSN/games/browse net. It is really annoying because it happens a couple of times per day and the only solution is to restart my laptop.

If anyone would know what the problem could be, or had the same problem, please share your solution with me, would really appreciate any help!

I'm on a Asus a7sn laptop with win7 ultimate 64 bit on a asus rx3141 gigalan router connected together with my girlfriend's laptop via wired connection. My laptop's name on the network is BiGGiE_LAPTOP.

I'm also having some warnings and errors in the event viewer, but that's really a bit too much IT knowledge for me to handle...I'll paste the text out of the event viewer out of some of the errors here below:

ID: 10016
The application-specific permission settings do not grant Local Launch permission for the COM Server application with CLSID
to the user NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM SID (S-1-5-18) from address LocalHost (Using LRPC). This security permission can be modified using the Component Services administrative tool.

ID: 24620 BitLocker-driver
Encrypted volume check: Volume information on \\?\Volume{bd51ada3-c0f0-11de-860c-806e6f6e6963} cannot be read.

ID: 4001
WLAN AutoConfig service has successfully stopped.

The browser service was unable to retrieve a list of servers from the browser master \\NIKA_LAPTOP on the network \Device\NetBT_Tcpip_{27915B5F-361B-4EE8-94F4-F81319FF218B}.

Browser master: \\NIKA_LAPTOP
Network: \Device\NetBT_Tcpip_{27915B5F-361B-4EE8-94F4-F81319FF218B}

This event may be caused by a temporary loss of network connectivity. If this message appears again, verify that the server is still connected to the network. The return code is in the Data text box.

The browser service has failed to retrieve the backup list too many times on transport \Device\NetBT_Tcpip_{27915B5F-361B-4EE8-94F4-F81319FF218B}. The backup browser is stopping.


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I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess your girlfriend's laptop is named NIKA_LAPTOP and it's probably running Windows XP, since I haven't seen this issue with all computers running Win7 on the network. First check and make sure the laptop is current, all service packs and updates, if the problem persists, you may want to read this article...It seems you have a master browser war going on and the laptop is winning. Link follows,review-215-7.html


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I also found this problem here:

and here:

and here:

So I can see that i'm not alone in this, all the problems are quite similar then mine ;( couldn't see any solutions in those forums..;( any ideas? please? :(


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we are both on win7 64 bit. installed it like 2 months ago. i had the problem since then. hers is working fine.


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Did you read my post above? Did you take steps to prevent the laptop from attempting to become the master browser on you network?


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First time, I've seen this occur between two Win7 machines. Do you have this problem when you boot your machine with hers off?


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Oh and yes, that's her laptop's name and we both have everything up to date and current. we're also both using spyware doctor, that is also current.
She had the same problem as well, untill i upgraded the firmware on the router, then it was fine. (at least i think it was that, her problem ended quite a while ago and i don't remember what i did exactly when it stopped. I was thrilled because the problems stopped on my laptop as well, but only for a while, then they reapeared. I was doing exactly the same steps when i was troubleshooting this issue simultaneously on my and her laptop, so whatever helped her, kinda doesn't help me).


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Don't know, haven't tried that yet I think...will do and I'll post the resaults.

Tny for the idea :)


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what are the steps to prevent her laptop from doing that? Is that the "shutting her laptop down" thingie? :)


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So if her laptop is not running on the network when you boot your machine, does your machine perform as expected or does the problem persist even without her machine running? I ask because, and this is only a guess, that something on her machine is blocking your machine from retrieveing the browse list from her machine. I suspect once that is corrected most if not all of your erratic issues will subside. Take a look at any third party firewalls and or Antivirus / Internet security suites that are installed on her computer that may be causing this and perhaps uninstall them for testing purposes, it could even be the built in Windows 7 firewall so turn it off for testing. Keep us posted

I have 2 separate routers connected into my ISP's modem, so there are 2 separate LAN's. I tried pluging out of the wired connection (the lan that my girlfirend is plugged in) and turning on wireless. Had no problems for about 2 hours now. So i'm guessing that the problem really must lie between my and her laptop. I tried plugging the cable and turning her comp on wifi. we'll see if there'll still be any problems. only time can tell :)


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Wow, I didn't understand much of that if any at all, only that your problem has seemed to subside. If both computers were actually on two seperate lans (ALWAYS), that means two different IP ranges on two seperate subnets, then it would seem that they wouldn't be communicating at all and therefore I can't explain any of the event errors you seem to be getting regarding the "Master Browser Election"

sorry i guess i was a little too...ununderstandable :D

i have 2 routers, one for wireless and one for a gigalan connection. I didn't know that the issue might have been communication between the two computers untill recently, so I have tried to switch every computer on it's own LAN just about an hour or two ago to see if that helps. before that, both were connected with the 1gbps router.


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OK, much clearer now. Is ununderstandable actually a word, cool, I'm going to use it. You need to understand that a LAN (Local Area Network) is determined by the IP addressing scheme of the nodes attached to it and not by any particular device. So if both computers have the same scheme in the private reserved space for instance thru and a subnet of as opposed to one being on that network and the other being on thru and a subnet of then your problem may very well reocurr regardless of the device it's using for an internet connection.

hahah :D don't think it is, but it's definetly trademarked now, soo...q: ;)

Um...don't quite get the high-end talk there :D, but if it means anything, yes, one router is set to and the other on the subnet mask is the same on both. however, i'm still online...didn't have the problem for like 3 hours now so hurray! :)


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Great...glad you got it sorted out. The thing to keep in mind if it reoccurs is that your machines are argueing about who is the master browser. If they are kept seperate then that will not occur. However, I suspect that with the two routers, what may have been happening is that they were communicating alright for some time when on the same subnet (GigLan) and then her wireless card kick in, grabbed an IP from the other router which was different from the one it had when the two were successfully concluding who would be the master browser and when this happened your machine was no longer able to grab the browser list from her's and basically generated the errors you reported in your earlier post...Probably if you put them both back on the GIG device and disable any and all secondary or wireless adapters on both machines, you may find that the problem goes away automagically. Just another piece of the puzzle. Worth a try. And also, I think you have to copyright written words not trade mark them so you're too late I've already started the paperwork on copy righting ununderstandable.

I just restarted...;(

turned off her computer now and plugged in the ethernet cable in mine. So we play the waiting game again. Hope nothing happens now. =/

P.S.: could i like just turn off that browser master thingie on mine or her laptop and then still use the computer/internet normally? I mean if that is the most probable issue......

oh noes! my rights! heheh :D

we both had wifi disabled and were connected only via the cable (because i figoured out that the internet connection works faster that way, dunno why, it just does...and for like 10-20mbps or so...).
I've only started toying with different connections (one on wifi and one on cable and vice versa) today.

just a were including the other router in your last reply, so i'm guessing it could have a part in the "error making business"? should I try disconnectiong it from the modem?


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If you're not going to use it you could just simply turn it off, or unplug it from the electrical outlet. Unplugging it from the modem, would not prevent it from handing out DHCP address to any wireless client that requested one. So you decide, but my suggestion would be to turn it off. Then if you need it again, it's a simple thing to turn it back on and after a brief moment it should work like before.

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