my computer does not recognize a disk is in the drive

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  1. I recently got a fatal error while listening to music and now when I boot up my computer it says that a form of BIOS is not installed and I am unable to use disks in the disk drive. My computer works just fine but now I cant install programs or listen to music. Please give me some tips that might fix this problem. Like could someone tell me how to access BIOS configurations or possibly tell me how to restor my computer's factory defaults?
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    entering the bios is easy. when you turn your computer on you see the POST screen. press delete or F2. its different with some motherboards. From there you can detect IDE devices and it will tell you if your CD-ROM is detected. if not then its probably a problem with that. Instead of trouble shooting it just buy a new one. thats the fun part :) Do a reset on your bios, the screen will say something like "restore defaults" or something. have fun.

  3. Ty

    Thanks man. All I needed to do was restore defaults and now my disk drive works properly again. I love you lots.

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