My computer freezes all the time

I have a serious and very annoying problem.Ever, since I got Windows 7, whenever watching a movie it freezes (once every 10 minutes, for 3-4 seconds). Also, last night, I found freezess when I listen to music and I'm not a computer, so I guess this is due to some safety mode or something because it happens like 10 minutes after I go AFK.

Here is a list of things already tried:
Spybot found and destroyed
Spyware doctor
Windows Media Player set
BS Player

VLC Player to clean the hard disk of the things that I
use to remove some useless programs
To stop all tasks
Manager To set the power settings so it will be under the Ministry of Defence, but not balanced mod and make it never stop (such as lights, sleep mod, etc.)
To switch to other codecs
/> Nothing
Read phonetically

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Hello and welcome to the forums. : )

Could you describe your problem in a few words in English, or at least clarify what language this is?

Thank you.

I'm sorry but this site switches the language to bulgarian every time i write in english.The problem is this:

Eversince i got my Windows 7,the laptop freezes when i watch movies (1 time each 10 mins for like 3-4 secs).Also,yesterday i found out that it freezes when i listen to music and i'm not on the laptop.It is ok if Im on the keyboard but once i go afk it starts freezing again,so i guess it is goes in some kind of safety mod or i dont know...

I tried those things to fix my problem:
Windows media player fix from the windows site
other players
antivirus programs
deleting some things from my hard disk to clean it up a bit
uninstalling programs
removing tasks from the task manager
I tried setting the laptop not to go in sleep mod from the power settings
I changed my codecs a couple of times and still nothing..

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Is your Windows 7 an upgrade or is it a clean install? If this is an option I would suggest you reformat and clean install.


1. Uninstall Avira and Spybot, and replace them with MSE and Malware Bytes:


2. Attach your drivers list:

DriverView: Loaded Windows Drivers List

3. Run a System Health Report by typing perfmon /report in the Start Menu search box. Save it as an HTML file, and attach with your next post.

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here are the xml files

P.S.: I was with my updates ON for a bit,so it is updated version of windows


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