My Computer has very small Freezes and unfreezes(or)lags

hello im new to this forum :).
but back to my problem i keep having these small freezes for like 2-3 sec then unfreeze again but i can move my mouse while the "freeze" is happening. this is very annoying when i try to watch a movie or playin games like WoW or left 4 dead 2. this freeze started happening 2 weeks ago and ive reinstalled my comp to try to fix this and ive downloaded the newest drivers from the asus support page. note this is a new laptop Asus G53SW i bought it about 1 and a half months ago these freezes came out of nowhere only thing i can think of that might be causing these problems are my hard drive.
my specs are:
Intel Core i5 2.30ghz
8gb ram
Nvidia gtx 460m 1,5gb
I run Windows 7 ultimate and im sorry if this is kinda messy dont write much on forums .

What exactly causes windows 7 freezing?, The very first issue can be that your system is running beyond it's hardware specifications. This occurs when getting too numerous programs running at the same time. If the amount of RAM in your system cannot handle it then your computer will freeze.

The solution for this is to run fewer programs or buy additional RAM. I recommended a solution for this sort of Windows 7 freezing would be to clean the registry of corrupt files, and various errors. Not just will this prevent PC from crashing, it will also speed up your system considerably.



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Can you tell if all your fans are working correctly? Kinda of sounds like a heat issue. sounds dumb but if you can open the case and point a small desk fan towards the PC and try doing the same thing that causes the freezes


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Rethinking it might also be you are running your games on to high of settings. I am not a PC gamer but I know you can lower the game settings on most games. Maybe lowering these will help.

the reason i think its my harddrive is cus when i use an external harddisk i dont have this lag/freeze problem. but thought it would be best to ask anyway
and i got 2 huge exhaust fans on the back so the cooling shouldnt be a problem cus the fans seems to be working as they should. and i have maxed out the ram of my laptop so it shouldnt be a problem

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Do you show anything in the event viewer around the time of the problems?

You might want to start watching such things as CPU activity and network access to see if anything spikes during these times. Do you have a mail program set to check for mail, or something perhaps checking for updates.

Task Manager and Performance Monitor might be helpful when searching for something such as this, and it can be very hard to find, if it isn't a hardware problem.

How large is your hard drive and how large is the primary partition? Is this a normal drive or an SSD?


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What firmware is your drive running and is there an updated one?

SD25 is my updated firmware.
the new Firmware i got seems to have removed my windows lag/mini freeze and i lag alot less in games too. but i still have a little lag in wow (running on lowest settings) tho my comp should be able to run wow at max cus i did that before

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