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Hey guys quick question...
It is going off to the right and nothing can be done. My computer or my documents will pop up into the lower left task bar and whether i try to restore it or anything (by maximizing) or double clicking it slides off the right of my screen.I checked over my resolution and it is 1 monitory.

Windows 7 beta.

Any ideas? Any way to get rid of the task bar thingy? its kind of annoying

Thanks in advance. and Glad to be aboard.
This is new to me, but I am sure we can figure it out. When you originally open the folders, do you open them from a the task bar or the desktop icons?
Try restarting in Safe Mode, by hitting the F8 key on startup, and your taskbar will revert to it's original position.

Now restart and it should still be on the bottom.
I tried taskbar/icons. Is there anyway to do without the taskbar? I like having multiple tabs/pages open in firefox. So used to it ya know?

What is safe mode boot again? I think it varies but isnt it f6 or f8.

I'll give that a whirl.

Also instead of making a new thread is there any legitimate fixes, updates and tweaks to improve win 7. (so far so good)

P.S.*** I have 23 days to activate windows 7. I cant find my product key activation. Since this product is unrealeased and free till august. Should i call microsoft or do ones online work?
Mayby I'm misunderstanding your question.

It is going off to the right

You are refering to the taskbar, correct?

Have you tried to click on the taskbar to the very right of the Start Button and drag it to the bottom?

My computer or my documents will pop up into the lower left task bar
Have you dragged these items to the taskbar?

Yes, there are updates and you should receive notifcations from Windows Update. The last update was Update for Windows Client Beta (KB962236)

On my computer is is F8, but that's not the case on all computers apparently. try some other F keys and you should be presented with Safe Mode, Safe Mode with Networking, repair you computer, which you could choose the System Restore feature and bring it back to a date before this occured.
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Say like My Documents, My computer, Windows Explorer (from the start menu)

i just see it zap off to the right like i have a second monitor and i cant even bring it up. ( ive been doing searches to get a hold of things since it doesnt pop up on my monitor)