Windows 7 MY copy of Windows7 has booting problem.


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My copy of Windows7 will not boot. I narrowed it down to a corrupt "winload.exe" on inspection of the file on my hard drive. I am told even though winload is in the system32 folder, that it cannot run in win32 mode. Does anyone know the answer?
DML Windows7 will not boot.

The number of my Windows7 is 7000 beta, the Windows start screen appears and goes through the process. Giving me false hope after this, the screen goes blank.
Davehc, I have had windows7 running on 2 computers and even networked them. The computer I am using now, and have been trying to boot windows7 on has windowsXP pro version 2002 service pack 3.
I have a 64bit mother board.
AMD athlon 64x2 Dual core processor 4000+
2.11 Ghz 1.98 GB of RAM
120 GB of hard drive.