My Documents gone crazy

I was looking at My documents and couldn't believe the mess. There are now 1,886 files and 192 folders. I used to have only 113 items. There were music files, download folder, Roboform passwords, screensavers, LRC files, pictures, system files and application extentions to name a few. The other Documents were right. I also have a new folder "Jody" underneath all the Library info. It has the same files as in the "User" folder.
Everything else seems OK
Anyone have an idea?? :)
Thanks for any help.


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INFECTION!!!!! Run any and all Virus and malware software you have.


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If you are referring to the Documents folder in Libraries, look at the top and see what locations are included. Perhaps you have included an entire user folder.

I haven't knowingly changed any library. There are 2 locations for My documents one of them is in User folder and the other is located underneath where it says desktop/library.

They were correct. It looks like My Music is there plus a bunch of .exe from one of my Download folders.
I, fortunately, have another laptop with Vista Premium and I am using that laptop.
When I turned on Windows 7 today there were a bunch of new shortcut folders with innodesc on them.
To bassfisher - I ran MSE, SuperSpyware, malwarebites and the only thing picked up were tracking cookies in Super.
You could be right when you said I could have put another folder in My documents. There sure is a lot of music in My documents and I don't use
the document folder for any music.

what do I do with all the stuff I have found that I'm guessing is an infection. PLEASE HELP
I will await your reply before I turn on the affected laptop.
Thanks for your help.

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This is a common result of "taking Ownership" of the "Documents and Settings" Folder. (or other "system/junction folders) . ?


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There are 2 locations for My documents one of them is in User folder and the other is located underneath where it says desktop/library.
I am not sure if you understood my question, but I did not understand your response.

See the attachment to compare to your Documents Library folder. Maybe a picture of where the files are would help, at least me.. :redface: Use the Snipping tool to capture and the paperclip on the Advanced Replies to attach. If you need to edit something, use Paint.


I'm sorry I haven't replied sooner. I can't figure out how to add an attachment.I also tried to insert a picture and that failed too.
I see that I did add attachments. Let me know if you can read them. If you can't perhaps you can help me adding an attachment.
Other than the icons showing up on my desktop with innodesc on them nothing else has happened that I have found :(.
I should delete these files, correct?
Thanks for your help.


What do I do when no one is repling and trying to help me. I understand you are busy but a possible infection, IMHO,should be looked at fairly quickly.

Could someone please help me with this? If there is a possible infection and I scanned with spyware programs and they didn't find anything shouldn't I be somehow taking care of this? No one has even commented on the attach. I sent to let me know if I am not providing what ya'll want to see. I would really like to know if I should delete these 150+ files from innodesc.
If you don't want to help please direct me somewhere someone can help me.


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The attachments do not seem to show what I was thinking it might be. But the part shown does not really give me a clue as to where you even made and picture. For instance, where was the one with the tree showing the Desktop and Libraries with a smiley type icon made, Explorer or some other utility? Do you run any file manipulation utilities?

Have you taken ownership of anything, such as Davehc suggests?

Do these documents come back if deleted or continue to grow? Do you see anything in Msconfig.exe on the startup tab that you do not recognize or seems to be a random name?

If you are worried about some virus, you said you had run everything. The only thing you haven't done is to run some type of bootable virus checker and not all anti-virus programs even have one. Have you been getting any popups or mail about trying another type of anti-virus? You may need to download a trial version of another anti-virus if the ones you have tried do not work.

Does innodesc mean anything to you. It is an .xml file and might be involved, beside the obvious replication situation.

I give up. Someone else is going to look at my laptop.
THANKS to all who tried to help.

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